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What do you actually use an advertising sponge for?

What is a Spontex promotion sponge?

Spontex advertising sponges are made from very absorbent and durable cellulose fibers. The material, which is well-known in retail, is delivered in dry, and flat compressed condition. Within just a few seconds, it absorbs any liquids for about 20% times its own weight and thus swells-up to its usable size.

Only by applying slight pressure, the stored fluid, which can of course also be enriched with detergents, is released again. Therefore, the sponges are suitable for gentle and thorough cleaning of almost all surfaces and for spreading or applying of different substances - not only in the kitchen, bath, office, car or garden but also in different manual or automatic processes in industry.

Furthermore, the cellulose fibers of the pop-up sponges are proven to be skin-friendly, soft and very comfortable on the skin. Hygienical standards are fulfilled because the sponges are machine-washable up to 95°C (with imprint up to 60°C). This makes the pop-up sponges also popular and well-known in versatile applications as bath- or cosmetic sponges and in health- and wellness-business.

In addition to the unique and surprising swelling-up effect, which is an impressive symbol of growth and dynamics, and the high usefulness, the sponges offer a variety of individual design options and this makes them extraordinary and convincing promotional articles at the same time.

Spontex pop-up sponges as advertising articles

surprising, functional, sustainable

Our high-quality SPONTEX cellulose advertising sponges combine all characteristics, which are important for a meaningful promotional item. Whether being part of an extensive marketing - campaign, as free promotional gift, as mailing booster or as attractive and effective additional benefit to any product: the advertising sponges are more versatile than almost any other advertising medium.

  • Spontex advertising pop-up sponges have a unique selling proposition because of the surprising and sympathetic swelling-up effect.

  • Spontex advertising pop-up sponges can be personalized in shape and size. In addition to this haptic effect, an attractive imprint of logos, using-instructions or promotional texts directly on the product, supports the impressive advertising impact. Additionally, different customizable packaging-solutions are available for even more design-options and marketing messages.

  • Spontex advertising pop-up sponges have a great utility value in many different applications.

  • Spontex adverting pop-up sponges are of very high quality, they are machine-washable and therefore guarantee a long lifetime - including their advertising messages.

  • Spontex cellulose sponges / advertising pop-up sponges are made in the EU.

  • Spontex cellulose sponges / advertising pop-up sponges are made of renewable plant fibers and they are 100 % biodegradable.

  • Spontex advertising pop-up sponges help saving transport-, energy- and storage cost because of their very low delivery volume and this means, they contribute to environmental protection.

All benefits of Spontex advertising pop-up sponges at one glance:


The Spontex advertising pop-up sponges are as functional, as any other commercial cellulose sponges, but they are delivered in compressed condition and therefore, they take up little space during transport and in the warehouse. The swelling-up effect before usage is unique!


The Spontex advertising pop-up sponges have an extraordinary absorption capacity and cleaning performance. With imprint, they are washable up to 60°C, without imprint even up to 95°C, in the dishwasher or washing machine and therefore they can be used versatile and always fresh again over a long period.


The Spontex cellulose sponges are made of renewable and very resistant plant fibers which guarantee a long lifetime, and which are completely biodegradable.


The Spontex advertising pop-up sponges are perfect symbols for growth, dynamics, cleanness and sustainable action due to their performance and unique swelling effect. They are practical helpers in many parts of daily life and communicate different promotional messages in a variety of means.