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Advertising POP-UP sponges as coasters, greeting-cards, leisure articles & more

Our SPONTEX cellulose - pop-up-sponges can be produced in almost any requested shape and size and therefore, they can also fulfill very special requirements that customers might have. In any context concerning applying, spreading or absorption of liquids or when surface - cleaning is needed, our biologically degradable and very absorbent natural sponges should be your first choice. But it’s not only the high utility value that matters: the unique selling proposition of our compressed sponges, the surprising and incredible swelling-up effect, combined with the various possibilities of design regarding haptic, imprint and packaging, make pop-up sponges extraordinary, sustainable, and sympathetic advertising articles at the same time. Create them as postcards in your letter - mailing, use them as giveaways and gifts or as on-pack promotion with your own product: in any case the promotional swelling-up sponges convince by their attractiveness, functionality, and sustainability.

Practical things for the kitchen, catering-industry, leisure, and sports:


In order to avoid ugly coffee- or tea stains on the kitchen-table, the desktop or on the worktop, our extra thin cellulose coaster-sponges are perfect little helpers. Die-cut e.g., in square or round shape, cups or glasses can stand stabile on them and the underground is protected. Due to their strong capillary effect, these coasters can absorb slopping liquids immediately and even if something more is spilled, the sponge is ready to hand and prepared to wipe away even this. Furthermore, our viscose-sponges are perfectly suitable for dishwashing and after that, they can be cleaned in the dishwasher or washing-machine up to 60°. The completely biodegradable and re-usable natural fibres with a very long lifetime are therefore an amazing and - above all - sustainable alternative to normal coasters made from paper or cardboard and at the same time, they serve their purpose as dishwashing- or cleaning sponges.

Coaster-sponges can be produced in any shape and size - please ask for your offer!

Specification SPONGE-COASTER

Dimension compressed: square, approx. 95 x 95 x 2-3 mm / round, diam. 90 x approx. 2-3 mm
Dimension open: square, approx. 100x100x12/16 mm / diam. approx. 100x12/16 mm
Colours: natural, off-white
MOQ: 500 pieces per design, layout, delivery


The MIDI pop-up sponge - our all-round - talent – has been established as accessory for many different steam-cooker types during the past years. The handling of this pop-up sponge is really simple: just let the sponge pop-up in clear water briefly, wring it out and put it into the drip tray: within just a few seconds it absorbs an enormous amount of residual moisture - a clean result with hardly now residues. Reinforced and machine-washable up to 95°, this steam-cooker-sponge has an extra-long lifetime. Make this household-sponge your personal advertising medium by printing your individual logo or text, or even any using instruction on the edge and so, take sustainable benefit from the high utility value and impressive promotional effect, achieved by best application results.


Dimension compressed: approx. 115 x 35 x 4-6 mm
Dimension open: approx. 135 x 90 x 37 mm
Colours: natural, blue, light-green, pink
MOQ: 500 pieces per layout/delivery


Stop smeared cooking-oil- or detergent bottles or ugly wine-drops on the bottleneck and dirty hands: the practical, inconspicuous-looking round compressed sponge can easily be put over the spout of the bottle and absorbs all spilling liquids during the outpouring, just before they run down the bottleneck and soil the fingers. Once the sponge has been saturated, it can be washed out under clear water or even in the dishwasher up to 95°C (with imprint up to 60°C) and becomes re-usable afterwards. Then, after a long lifetime, it is completely biodegradable. On request, we can print this practical kitchen-helper with a small logo or text and turn this useful pop-up sponge into a sustainable advertising article at the same time.


Dimension compressed: outer diam.: 50 mm, (inner diam.: 25/30 mm) x approx. 2-3 mm
Dimension open: approx. 12/16 mm thickness
Colours: natural, off-white
MOQ: 1.000 pieces per layout/delivery


Our practical COFFE-CATCHER – pop-up sponge can be individually adapted in shape and size in order to suit into almost every drip-tray of coffee-pad or -capsule - machines. Delivered in compressed condition it should be held under clear water to swell up to its usable size. Afterwards, put it into the drip-catcher and due to the strong capillary effect, the natural fibres will absorb excessing coffee or water immediately. In this way, the tray remains always clean, and the annoying emptying of full trays will be avoided. After usage, just wash out the sponge by hand or in the dishwasher up to 95 °C (with imprint up to 60°C) and put it into the tray again - it can then be used over a very long period. As our high-quality cellulose fibres are biologically degradable, this absorption professional should not be left in the drip-tray until it is saturated because the decomposition process would start. You can use the complete surface of this pop-up sponge for your individual imprint or using-instructions.

Specification COFFEE-CATCHER

Dimension compressed: e.g., approx. 117 x 50 x 2-3 mm
Dimension open: approx. 12/16 mm thickness
Colours: natural, off-white
MOQ: 1.000 pieces per layout/delivery


As hardly any other material, our high-quality viscose-pop-up-sponges can absorb a huge amount of water and keep it in their pores, until it is wrung out by light pressure. Recreational and professional athletes alike take advantage of this property: during the training or any competition event, the space-saving-delivered POP-UP sponges are thrown into a bucket with water, so they swell-up to their convenient size and soft haptic within just a few moments. After an exhausting jogging lap, any running event or even during a marathon, they can be briefly squeezed in the hands, they release the water and have a refreshing - effect immediately. Furthermore, the compressed sponges are perfectly suitable for cooling of blunt sports injuries, as they store the cold water for a very long time, so they should not be missing in any first-aid case e.g., at soccer- or handball matches or at any other club sports.


Dimension compressed: approx. 85 x 30 x 3-4 mm
Dimension open: approx. 93 x 71 x 31 mm
Colours: only available in natural colour
MOQ: 1.000 pieces per layout/delivery

Of course, you could also use any other / bigger SPONTEX advertising pop-up sponge, made from cellulose, for this application - choose your personal favorite!

Greeting cards, gifts & mailing boosters

POP-UP - sponges are Christmas cards, invitation cards, vouchers & more

These extra-thin compressed SPONTEX cellulose – advertising pop-up sponges are looking like simple cards made from paper or cardboard but, printed-on with an individual greeting card text, an advertising message or congratulations, those will not end-up in the trash after a short time: the pop-up-sponge-cards have even more to offer: they surprise with their sympathetic swelling-up effect, are useful helpers for cleaning, vehicle care or body care - purposes in daily life and provide a sustainable advertising effect during their very long lifetime. Due to the compact delivery-condition and the light weight, pop-up sponges fit into every standard envelope and safe energy-, transport- and warehouse costs. Furthermore, they are made from renewable plant - fibres and they are biodegradable - really a sustainable solution which protects the environment and offers manifold application - possibilities at the same time.

Make the compressed sponges your personal, individual Christmas cards, invite your customers to the next event / open house, design some appealing vouchers or take advantage of these added-value promotional articles to build customers loyalty. As we can produce these pop-up sponge greeting cards in almost any requested size and shape, we are sure they also fit into your promotional campaign and there are almost no limits to your imagination in the design.

Our big HELLOSPONGE - pop-up sponge-cards (fitting into a DIN B6-formate - on request, also delivered with a coloured envelope), the complete SPONGECARD – solutions with a compressed, printed sponge, stuck on a flyer or card or our BEST WISHIES - mini - pop-up sponges in individually - printed paper sachets, which could e.g., be used as little gift-tags, are only few examples of the various possibilities which are provided by our promo-sponges.


Dimensions compressed: various sizes and shapes available, approx. 2-3 mm thick
Dimensions open: approx. 12/16 mm height
Colours: natural, off-white
MOQ: HELLOSPONGE/SPONGECARD: 500 pieces per article/layout/delivery
BEST WISHIES: 1.000 pieces per article/layout/delivery

ADVERTISING SPONGES in individual design


Our SPONTEX ADVERTISING POP-UP SPONGES symbolize impressively and tangibly characteristics such as GROWTH, DYNAMICS, CLEANNESS and SUSTAINABILITY as hardly any other promotional item. Take not only advantage of the high utility value of sponges in many different applications, but also of the unique swelling-up effect for your marketing campaign and contribute to a cleaner environment at the same time. Create your individual pop up sponge - design and an appealing printing - layout, fitting to your product or project, choose a sustainable packaging, if needed, and benefit from the proven SPONTEX - brand - quality of our natural sponges. We are looking forward to helping you with the realization of your ideas and prepare a non-binding offer which is tailored to your needs.

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