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To fulfill individual customer requirements, our SPONTEX cellulose sponges can be produced in almost any design or size. In any context concerning application, spreading or absorption of liquids or cleaning of surfaces, a cellulose sponge with the highly absorbent natural fibres is the right choice. In addition to the versatile design- and printing options and the high functionality, all compressed sponges by SPONTEX also offer the incredible swelling-up effect. This makes them also high-quality promotional articles with a sustainable advertising impact in different means.


In order to avoid ugly coffee- or tee- stains on the kitchen table, desktop or on the worktop, our extra thin cellulose sponges are perfect little helpers. Die-cut in square or round shape and printed-on with an individual layout, most of cups or glasses can stand stabile on them and therefore they protect the underground. Due to their high capillary effect, the coaster sponges can absorb any slopping liquids within just a few seconds, and if more coffee, water or milk is spilled, the sponges will be ready to wipe away the liquids immediately. At the same time, the coaster sponges could also be used for dishwashing and after usage, they become clean again at 60°C in the dishwasher or washing machine. The completely biodegradable and reusable cellulose fibers with a very long lifetime are sustainable alternatives to common coasters made from paper or cardboard. On request, the sponge coasters can be produced in almost any design or size.

Specification SPONGE-COASTER

Dimension compressed: square approx. 95 x 95 x 2-3 mm
round diameter approx. 90 x 2-3 mm
Dimension open: approx. 14/16 mm height
Colours: natural
MOQ: 500 pieces per design, layout, delivery
Price incl. 1c imprint on the surface: MOQ: € 1,28 (square) / € 1,46 (round) per piece + VAT and preparation - charges


Stop smeared cooking oil- or detergent bottles or ugly wine-drops on the bottleneck: the practical, small, and inconspicuous - looking, printable compressed bottleneck-sponge can easily be put over the spout of the bottle and absorbs all spilling liquids during the outpouring, just before they run down the bottleneck and spoil the fingers. Once the sponge has been saturated, it can easily be washed out under clear water or even be washed in the dishwasher up to 95°C (with imprint just up to 60°C) and is reusable again afterwards. After its long lifetime, the sponge is completely biodegradable.


Dimension compressed: Ø approx. 50 mm (i: 25/30) x 2-3 mm
Dimension open: approx. 14/16 mm height
Colours: natural
MOQ: 1.000 pieces per layout/delivery
Price incl. 1c imprint on the surface: MOQ: € 0,70 per piece + VAT and preparation - charges


The practical COFFEE-CATCHER - sponge can be individually adapted in shape and size in order to suit into almost every drip tray of coffee pad- or capsule machines. The sponge is delivered in compressed condition and should be held under clear water to swell-up before the first usage. After that, just put it into the corresponding drip-tray and due to the strong capillary effect, the cellulose fibers will absorb excessing coffee or water immediately. The drip-tray remains clean and the annoying emptying of full trays will be avoided. After usage, just wash-out the sponge under clear water or wash it in the dishwasher up to 95°C (with imprint up to 60°C) and then put it into the tray again. As the high-quality cellulose fibers are biodegradable, don’t leave the sponge in the tray if it is saturated because the biodegradation will start soon. The whole surface of the coffee catcher can be printed individually for a permanent advertising effect.

Specification COFFEE-CATCHER

Dimension compressed: e.g. approx. 117 x 50 x 2-3 mm
Dimension open: e.g. approx. 14/16 mm height
Colours: natural
MOQ: 1.000 pieces per layout/delivery
Price incl. 1c imprint on the surface: MOQ: € 0,87 per piece + VAT and preparation - charges


In compressed condition, our extra thin SPONTEX cellulose pop-up sponges are looking like simple cardboard- or paper cards but our sponge-cards do have more to offer. Besides an imprint with a greeting-card text, an advertising message or any congratulations, they have the sympathetic and surprising swelling-up effect. During the daily use of these practical helpers (while cleaning the kitchen or bath, wiping the car or using them for body care purposes), the advertising message remains effective over a long period. The compact delivery condition provides the saving of transport-, energy- and warehouse cost and furthermore, the sponges are made from renewable plant fibers with are completely biodegradable. This even contributes effectively to a cleaner environment. We can deliver the pop-up sponge greeting-cards in almost any requested size or design but especially the big - sized sponges like our HELLOSPONGE, that fit into a DIN B6 envelope have proved themselves. Furthermore, our complete SPONGECARD - solutions, which means, a printed compressed sponge (e.g. square shape) is stuck onto a personalized DIN-long - flyer, are very popular.

Our BEST WISHIES pop-up sponge-envelopes are attractive giveaways, gift pendants or mini-greeting cards because they achieve a great advertising effect by the design of the sponge itself and the personalized promotional message on the packaging.

Due to the flat performance and light weight, these SPONGECARDS can be easily posted in a standard envelope.


Dimensions compressed: various sizes and shapes available, approx. 2-3 mm thick
Dimensions open: approx. 14/16 mm height
Colours: natural, white
MOQ: HELLOSPONGE/SPONGECARD: 500 pieces per article/layout/delivery
BEST WISHIES: 1.000 pieces per article/layout/delivery
Price: depending on product/design - on request


Take not only the advantage of the high utility value of our sponges in manifold applications but also use the unique swelling-up effect of the SPONTEX pop-up sponges for your promotion: hardly no other advertising article symbolizes attributes like growth, dynamics, cleanness and sustainability in the same impressive way. Create your individual sponge design and an attractive imprint and take profit from the SPONTEX brand quality - we are looking forward to preparing your personalized offer.

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