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Advertising pop-up sponges for body care / cosmetic sponges

Our dermatologically tested SPONTEX - viscose - pop-up sponges are made from renewable plant-fibres of certified cultivation in Europe. As soon as you put the very space-saving delivered swelling-up sponges into water, they grow to their usable, wet condition within just a few seconds, they become soft and comfortable on the skin and don’t cause any skin irritations. They are very hygienic because they are machine-washable up to 60° (without imprint, even up to 95°C) and therefore frequently re-usable. So, contrary to cotton pads and cosmetic wipes, they can be used over a long period and are quite sustainable. The thin articles with very fine porosity are suitable for cosmetic- and beauty-studios, hairdressing- or nail - salons, wellness companies or even professional styling- and make-up artists who can use them for cleaning the skin or for applying or removing make-up or body-care products. The thicker cellulose sponges with even greater absorption capacity are very popular as shower- or bath sponges. In the compact delivery-condition and printed-on with your individual advertising message, the pop up sponges are very appealing and sustainable promotional items at the same time.

Advertising sponges for cosmetic applications


The OVAL 16 mm is our top seller among our body care sponges, made from pure, compressed cellulose which grows to its usable size on contact with water. This skin-friendly cosmetic-sponge in convenient size convinces by its extremely dense, fine, and robust pore-structure and provides a big, attractive printing area all over the surface. It cleans body and face particularly thoroughly and due to its unique swelling-up volume and long lifetime, it’s a perfect, sustainable alternative compared to other products made from chemical pulp or cotton wool. Without imprint, the viscose advertising-pop-up sponges are machine-washable up to 95 °C and with imprint still up to 60°C and after permanent usage over many weeks, they are completely biodegradable. As a result of the very flat delivery condition, even bigger order quantities can be shipped and stored on very small space and furthermore, the light weight makes our beauty products ideal mailing boosters or on-pack articles.

Specification BIG OVAL

Dimension compressed: approx. 120 x 95 x 2-3 mm
Dimension open: approx. 130 x 100 x 12/16 mm
Colours: natural, off-white
MOQ: 500 pieces per layout/delivery

Specification SMALL OVAL

Dimension compressed: approx. 100 x 77 x 2-3 mm
Dimension open: approx. 110 x 82 x 12/16 mm
Colours: natural, off-white
MOQ: 1.000 pieces per layout/delivery

On demand, oval pop-up sponges can also be produced in other dimensions, and you can choose from several different single-packaging or multi-packaging solutions.


Cellulose pop-up sponge can be produced in almost any design and size. For applying or removing make-up or other cosmetics, our round, extra fine-porous pop-up sponge-pad is perfectly suitable. It is delivered compressed and very space-saving and therefore, finds its place in every bathroom, cosmetic-case, or make-up bag. Despite of the very thin delivery-condition this round swelling-up sponge is not a disposable product. Contrary to any cotton wool or chemical pulp, once in clear water and within just a few seconds, the pad grows to a soft and handy sponge, approx. 1,5 cm thick, and becomes very durable and re-usable for many times. For an always hygienic usage, the sponge can be washed out by hand or even in the washing - machine up to 60°C (with imprint) or 95°C (without imprint), it is proven skin-friendly and dermatologically tested and after a long lifetime completely biologically degradable. By printing an individual logo or advertising message directly on the surface of the sponge, professional users such as cosmetic- and beauty studios, hair stylists or make-up artists create their personalized and sustainable promotional articles.

Specification PAD ROUND 16 mm BIG

Dimension compressed: diam. 90 mm x approx. 2-3 mm
Dimension open: diam. approx. 100 mm x 12/16 mm
Colours: natural, off-white
MOQ: 1.000 pieces per layout/delivery

Specification PAD ROUND 16 mm

Dimension compressed: diam. 70 mm x approx. 2-3 mm
Dimension open: diam. approx. 80 mm x 12/16 mm
Colours: natural, off-white
MOQ: 1.000 pieces per layout/delivery

The round pop-up sponges can be produced in almost any size - please ask for your individual offer. Furthermore, you can choose from different single- or multi-packaging - solutions.


The slightly unimpressive looking, small rectangle sponge grows to its usable size on contact with water: within just a few seconds, the dry, compressed cellulose material pops up, gets a round shape, and becomes visible as a cosmetic sponge. The special Peach colour and the stabilizing skin are only two factors to make it a real cosmetic - professional: whether used for applying or removing make-up or peelings, or for facial cleaning: the MAKE-UP REMOVER has a particularly advantageous and natural pore-structure, is very soft and comfortable on the skin, extremely absorbent and durable and therefore very popular, especially for professional users. Printed-on with an advertising message on the small edge of the sponges, this small and hygienic pop-up - sponge also convinces by its long-lasting promotional effect. Like all our viscose promotional-sponges, the MAKE-UP REMOVER is proven skin-friendly, machine-washable, and completely biodegradable and contributes sustainably to a cleaner environment.

Specification MAKE-UP REMOVER

Dimension compressed: rectangular, approx. 70 x 15 x 2-3 mm
Dimension open: round, diam. approx. 80 x 15 mm
Colours: peach
MOQ: 1.000 pieces per layout/delivery

You can choose from several different single-packaging- or multi-packaging solutions.

On request, the cellulose sponge MAKE-UP REMOVER is also available in uncompressed, open format (round) - not printable.


Our attractive design advertising pop-up sponges must not be missing from the very special feel-good moments under the shower or in a relaxing foam bath. From our compressed cellulose material in 4 different and appealing colours, we can produce any requested sponge-design and because of the high absorption capacity of the cellulose fibres, once in water, within just a few moments the flat pieces grow to very thick and soft shower- or bath sponges. The proven skin-friendly natural plant fibres store a huge quantity of water which could also be enriched with care products or flavors and only on applying slight pressure, the sponges release the liquid again. This very thick pop-up sponge material has one plain reinforced skin surface, suitable for an individual advertising imprint of logos or messages in up to 4 colours. After usage, just wring out the sponge and let it dry - as a decorative accessory it can the be kept in the bathroom. The viscose material is machine-washable up to 95°C (with imprint up to 60°C) and therefore, the pop-up sponges stay fresh and hygienic for a very long lifetime. Additionally, the usage of a cellulose-sponge means a sustainable contribution to environmental protection because it is 100 % biodegradable.

DESIGN - advertising pop-up sponges are e.g., available in the shapes HEART, CLOVER LEAF, FLOWER, DROP or CLOUD at following conditions:

Specification DESIGN

Dimension compressed: various sizes / shapes
Dimension open: approx. 42/45 mm thickness
Colours: natural, blue, light-green, pink
MOQ: 500 pieces per design, layout and delivery

We produce advertising POP-UP - sponges as per your individual ideas - please ask for your personalized offer.

On request, different single- or multi-packaging solutions are available!